Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Path That Suits You Best

And another one bites the dust as the saying goes. Yesterday Attorney General Alberto "I do not recall" Gonzales announced his resignation! Yipee! No longer are the news networks plagued with awkward pauses before Gonzales mumbles "I do not recollect" -you'd think that an Attorney General could muster a better b.s. defense than a bad memory, but oh well. Gonzales's signature scandal (because everyone in the White House has their own skeleton out of the closet) was perjuring himself about firing a number of White House attorneys that refused to do neoconservative anti-democrat dirty work. But wait! There's more! According to The New York Times, "He was also accused of misleading Congress about his role, in his earlier job as White House counsel, in promoting a government eavesdropping program."

Basically, another power hungry lieutenant of Bush's is so deep in political scandal that he's weighing our Commander-in-Chief down. The Times also reported that Gonzales offered his resignation of his own accord after he and his wife concluded that Gonzales' credibility could never fully be restored; aww gee, you think? But seriously it's past time to realize that so Gonzales probably would have hung in there if he had the choice. But he didn't. Apparently, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove acted as some kind of protector or buffer keeping Gonzales in Bush's court. That's far more believable. So with the Rover gone and Democrats and Republicans practically waving torches and pitchforks for Gonzales to get out of town, it's no surprise that he's leaving. Gonzales had a teary eyed press conference where he thanked Bush for helping him along the way by hiring him at every job he ever had -not exactly something to flaunt, especially when you're going to be unemployed but okay. The conference seems to come standard with every unofficial firing of a high ranking official in the Bush Administration.

Now that Rumsfeld, Rove, and Gonzales are gone there are less cowboys on the mountain that could damage Bush's image...more. That probably won't last though. A possible permanent successor to Gonzales is Larry D. Thompson, an ex-deputy Attorney General and VIP at Pepsi Co. and oh yeah, he's black which makes him especially appealing to the job, according to White House officials. Since when did the Attorney General position become a position to appeal to the minorities that the White House has shunned? Well, whoever gets the job, let's hope he's credible and interested in law rather than power.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Everything Is Alright

Alright. I'm activating my blog again. Stay tuned!